How much should I budget for an engagement ring?

When selecting an engagement ring, a great place to start is with your budget. Deciding on a budget early helps ensure that the ring you select is affordable. It also allows you to immediately begin searching for the perfect engagement ring within your desired price range.

It’s likely you have heard the commonly-stated guideline that your budget for an engagement ring should equal about two months salary. What you may not know is that this two months salary rule was originally a marketing campaign created in the late 1940’s by an advertising firm, at the hands of the world’s largest diamond producer, DeBeers!

Engagement rings hold symbolic value and they last a lifetime. But every couple is different. We don’t believe there should be any rules or guidelines on the budget you set. What is most important is that you are comfortable with how much you are spending. Many people spend more than two months salary on an engagement ring and many spend less.

Whatever your budget is, our goal is to help you to select an engagement ring that is completely right for you.

-Written by Mark Andrew Scales, Graduate Gemologist GIA